We are grounded
in our heritage
Designed for
the future

The black and white - or shall we say, the red and white about our brand lies from our heritage.

We have deep roots and we have an original founder. We cook our chicken from scratch and our restaurants celebrate that story. We use natural, high-quality materials and have all the conveniences to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. From innovative ways to order to new restaurant formats, we are not afraid to constantly try new things that make it easier to enjoy our chicken.

A lot has happened since Colonel Harland Sanders perfected his secret recipe over 75 years ago. But through all the ups and downs in KFC’s pretty incredible history, there’s one thing we know for sure: the secret to being an iconic brand - one that grows older, but never gets old - is to deeply understand who we are and why we exist.

The Colonel's secret
herbs and spices
reaches the Philippines

  • 1967

    KFC was first brought to the Philippines.

  • 1999

    KFC Philippines opened its 100th Store (KFC Taft PGH).

  • 2002

    KFC launched one of its iconic signature snacks, the Hot Shots.

  • 2003

    KFC Philippines won YUM!’s Franchise of the Year.

  • 2005

    The one-number delivery 887-8888 was launched.

  • 2010

    The legendary no-buns-all-meat sandwich – the Double Down arrived in the Philippines.

  • 2015

    KFC Philippines launched the well-loved all-chicken pizza – the Chizza which was recreated and launched by other KFC markets.

  • 2017

    KFC launched its Colonel campaign and presented the first ever Filipino Colonel, Mr. Ronaldo Valdez.

  • 2019

    Actor Daniel Padilla was introduced as the young Filipino Colonel and actress Ms. Kathryn Bernardo starred opposite him as the first female Filipino Colonel.

  • 2020

    KFC Philippines opened its 1st Sub-Franchised Store (KFC Santiago).

We take pride
in fried...
So too in the
hands and hearts
that made them

From our world-famous Original Recipe to new signature flavors and formats, we are about making the most craveable, Colonel-inspired chicken around. If it’s not finger lickin' good, it’s not us.

We believe in real cooks, freshly-prepared good food, unrelenting quality control, and hard work. We don’t like to unnecessarily waste and we never cut corners, no matter what.